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  1. Just want to say HI :D

    Seen a few of these Moderators posting blogs, and figured it was about time I put one up there. Been helping out for bit over 2 years now, so figured out 'Why Not'

    Where do I start? Any questions? (Any answers? ha ha)

    Was introduced to R2Games games when I was playing Crystal Saga on a different platform. Was very active on the forum there too, we had games and were very interactive with the Moderators there.

    After playing a fair few games, I ...
  2. Merry Christmas!

    [B][COLOR="#800080"]hope everyone had a happy holiday!
    mixed feelings for me, my grandpa just passed away right before christmas on christmas eve. so that's pretty sad. wish got to spend more time with him.
    used to go fishing in montana with him growing up. been trying to find a picture he took of me as a kid fishing in a batman shirt, will talk with my grandma if she has it. he carved me a walking stick once as a kid that had snakes on it, was pretty awesome. sad stuff that ...

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  3. My current health status&Happy thanksgiving!

    [B][COLOR="#800080"]I've finally gotten a MRI done. found out extent of damage for a issue have had for longer then been a mod /playing. something been working through the pain etc.

    Basically I have bone protrusions in my neck and where shoulders connect / discs slipping at base of skull etc etc etc putting pressure on nerves all over. makes pain go down my arms to fingers etc. feels like a searing hot poker /molten lava dripping down neck to arm etc etc sharp pain. &also ...

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  4. It's all Mozilla's fault aka My switch to Microsoft Edge

    [B][COLOR="#B22222"][SIZE=3]So I've been using windows 10 insider for a while now, if you have the chance to upgrade directly from windows 7 or 8 should take that instead!
    Insider builds are pretty awesome though we get to experience some of the sweet new features as they roll out and help work out the kinks^_^

    Main topic of this thread:
    Mozilla. So how mozilla operates flash is through the plugin container, it runs the flash program then that send info to ...
  5. Giveaway for Pve west servers S13 merged!!

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#800080"]Will be hosting another giveaway!
    this time there will be 9 greater pearls of wisdom, 105 pearls of wisdom, and clothes for male and one for female(just the garment for female). will also be including a bunch of dungeon loot in each
    please follow these links to enter&comment with character name! - do not enter your actual real name if it asks, just enter your character name again on the site page(tried it out and it worked for ...

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