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    for 2200 im new what will i first buy to have agood stats

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    Save it and try to buy funds both the normal and premium.
    --> After you've receive your 40K crystals try maxing your Goddess Blessing to get the seal broken which is I think 6-7K crystals.
    --> Try buying all the heraldry stuff (minor rune crystals, lesser rune crystals, greater rune crystal)
    --> Since you're new all the items that you need are mainly found on the points section so I suggest spending your crystals for some PuC, Blood Pryre, Holy Favor, and maybe Antique Blood Gems

    Spend your Crystals during Consumer Points week so that you will receive a lot of points.
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      He's right save up to buy funds, however you would be better off putting the majority of the crystals into Rune of Support, since you wouldn't have the loyalty to get blessing anyway unless you're on an old character. Maxing it costs around 32k crystals, you get 40k from buying funds and it gives you 2952 all attributes. As my good friend said above make sure you cash on last day of points and spend on the next day during consumer points to benefit as much as possible. 2200 on it's own can only do so much.

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