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planting flowers in the guild station

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  • planting flowers in the guild station

    ok i planted some Anemone Rhizome for the items to feed the guild boss. it said it would take 48 hours for it to crop and i waited that long but it didn't crop. seems to be stuck on 5 hours until sprouting and we are now on day three of waiting for it. any help or info on whether its a glitch or if i did something wrong would be appreciated. thanks

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    ok turns out you have to actually have someone there for the timer to go down. got it going down now so thanks though for everything ^_^


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      The thing is... even if you wait until the timer drops to 0 it stays there... and if you leave and come back the timer resets.

      These crops have been here for 1 week+ (the full grown ones)
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Glitched plants.png
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        Thank you for the screenshot FireyCore. I will forward this.
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          bugged plants

          the crops in your plant area most of them are glitched could like to know what needs to be done please and tyClick image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_11.png
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