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  • Disconect over and over

    Disconect disconect over and over again at least every 1st hour no matter what event I am constantly disconect pls repair S4 ...Or if disconnect get closer usually also freeze picture.
    so do not play is always always as long lasts until again can make that no fun
    this is now more days

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    I tried the merged server and it worked fine, 3 hours without getting disconnected neither frozen picture.
    My advice would be cleaning your temp/prefecth folders (located in C:/). I use google chrome to play the game. Even if the game doesn't require a lot of computer resources, I make sure I don't have any unnecessary background apps running. Try clearing your browser cache as well.


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      Ok will try and if still will not give better i will report again

      Has only brought little 1.1 / 2 hours play time later again dc
      And again 30min + wait until again hinn sowas does not have fun
      25min.again playing dc again
      Is indeed nice if after 3 hours. No problems, I'm not so

      Very nice after all I have it geschaft 2 std. Without dc ... how to say so nice in the casino or it was different where new week new luck ... so she can also force game to leave when she give dc again and again no one wants his mind 30 minutes + until To wait next loggin
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        here we go again... Dc again n again all day..


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          yes lag was absolutely disgusting yesterday ad I have a sweet computer so they cant blame this on our stuff like always
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            even today again and again and again dc in bath and picture freeze in ladder the only events why you want to still play in this boring game and they make this really great

            it will start again incredibly always when in dungeon or bath or middle in ladder is either dc or stupid picture freeze
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              Originally posted by xuefvfxrn View Post
              even today again and again and again dc in bath and picture freeze in ladder the only events why you want to still play in this boring game and they make this really great
              These days I've experienced the issue where the picture freezes. I was able to correct it 100% by opening a new tab in my browser then dragging the Crystal Saga II tab like I'm intending to separate it into a new window. Regarding disconnection issues, I left a toon on for 1:38 without any errors.


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                so how many weeks will it still last that they play the game finally once again play so it does not happen any fun to me the lust to play correctly, the only events are spoiled at least a little lvl.
                because of the game needs resurces why it skin me then the whole time out or get picture freeze ...

                yes clear if I am also under shadow of trees or houses I have also no problems ...
                am genuinly sorry constantly again and again to err your system is broken from now I will only X at event

                So in serious why you should still play them they just get nothing more on the series one error after another, then still constantly events extensions which are from cs1 originate and not worth cs2 and the predicate not deserve
                ALSO WHY in all WORLD we should play this CAPTIVITY
                Just a reason WHY

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