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Patrone not working

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  • Patrone not working

    How many points does Patrone actually need to release? It is not normal that it needs so many points, they come to me not with luck that none has but that is certainly not normal
    I run all day the ******* bored dungeon, Have even money loaded in hineingsteckt if that would have known I could save it me or saved for something more reliable,.
    Even on ticket there was no reaction from R2
    Come to me slow really stupid before no more lust to make even less even more this **** to make perhaps even still end up waiting or what?
    600 points picture was wrong ticket photo ..sry aktuell over 800
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    Blessings are purely by chance; some are easier to score than others. You will get it eventually and when you do, you will be able to quickly upgrade several levels with that nice accumulation of Patron Points there.


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      Yes great what brings me now nothing as much here for nothing is said yes does not want to wait till end, coincidence and happiness is both the same expressed only different


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        DAMN!!! 800+points instant lvl9


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