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Unusable Item in Card Flip

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  • Unusable Item in Card Flip

    Received a Teeka Egg from the card flip, which can not be used in Crystal Saga 2. No pets are earned from hatching eggs, so I therefore wasted a card flip on an item that could not be used. Please address this issue for the next time this event happens, thank you
    Here you can see that I receieved a Teeka Egg in the Card Flip and in this game no pets are earned from hatching.  Therefore I wasted a flip for an item that can not be used.  If there is any more information you need from me please let me know, thank you.

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    Duly noted.

    I have been informed that the Teeka Egg will be removed.
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      wow thanks that was fast.


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        Matt where did you get information that there is no eggs in this game? I know about it too, but I thought you didn't know?
        Nothing to do much here.


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          Sorry didn't notice your post here till just now, anyway I was told by someone that you can not hatch eggs in here when I got one before.