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About the premium funds.

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  • About the premium funds.

    Hi Moderators. Im just wondering i accidentaly Spend the crystal for premium fund. cos it said spend 9999 crystal to get 39999 crystal and i ask people. they said it should be 9999 in the inventory. I purchase the total of 110$. and thought i need to spend the crystal through shop first then claim the premium funds. is there any other way getting the funds ? THANK YOU

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    The best way to do funds is to purchase the 1999 funds, then use those crystals towards the 9999 funds. this results in a cost of $50-$55 instead of $100+. The only way to do funds is purchasing it from the funds menu. I think you confused the consumer points with funds. You would have gotten your points for the $110 worth of crystals you spent. It sucks to have spent the crystals, but that's how it works.


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      i know. I did not know about it till someone tell me. it said spend 9999 crystal then get triple debate 39999. So i was thinking i should spend it in the fate shop really sucks. thats why im asking the moderators here to ask my question about it.


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        The only way to purchase funds is to click the purchase button in the funds panel. The crystals have to be on hand when you click the purchase button. There is no other way.
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