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  • Gamewide Discord!!

    Are you tired of only talking to people in your servers? Are you looking to make friends in the rest of the game in case of possible future merges? do you just want to adk for/give advice? How about show off your stats? WELL your time has come my friends, with the (not so new) but brand new gamewide discord group chat. Made by Axinemesis, with a small group of trusted and fair admins, the groupchat will be a place where we are all allowed to chat in peace, meaning any in game disagreements and spats can remain in game. Feel free to join (or call me a cheesehead)

    Im like 100% sure i cant post Links here but the invite code (what you type after the / in discord) is xhZGjZe (case sensitive)

    admins if im not allowed to do this then feel free to delete the post
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