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Crystal Saga II Server Merge Scheduled on August 23rd @ 2:00 AM EDT

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    Originally posted by Reverie View Post
    Crystal comps are good for active players, which I am not. Even so, I can honestly say that no moderator on R2 gets 5,000 crystals per week. Whatever the French gives to their team is independent of what R2 cares to give.

    Back to the original argument, you stated that "cashers don't have a choice", but they do -- from Fate Shop. It's not a situation of "I can't afford Fate Shop prices, so instead I will illegally purchase from a third party site". If you can't afford a kidney for transplant, buying one from the black market too is quite illegal. All of our games are free-to-play, meaning no monthly subscription is required, but they are in fact pay-to-win as it is the fastest route up.
    Dont worry Reverie, I cant afford fate shop anymore, r2 already got me with the half year event so I maxed out my tennet .. what a waste of money!!
    But like you said, its a pay to win. But with this merge with a server who didnt need to pay r2 fate shop or illegal web site, to get tons of pixi token.. its more than illegal.. its cheating and not balanced vs the rest of server. But r2 dont care about us.. so thats why all servers are empty. Have fun with your ghost game.


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      i spotted levethix here commenting lol