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Merge servers and stop making new ones

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  • good job R2... we was good on s2/s3 .... now all my guildie left the game since u merge them to s1.


    • if they erged s2 s3 with s4 s5 s6 server we would all be having a blast right now pvp each other, instead these turds merge s2 s3 with a cheat server and ruin the game further, you tell me what we should think.

      Like I said guys R2 is trying to run people off so they can close the game. Any complete moron with an IQ of Forrest Gump coulda told you this was an idiot merge.

      Merge S4 with someone anyone idgaf who just do something beside take money and sit around sipping coffe for god sakes. god u people are sorry. Would you do something omg.

      These idiots have less than 5 people running around on our worthless server and what did they do go and merge s1 lol. Ill be damned if these people are the most brain dead useless people on gods green earth. I truly hate them.
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      • listen to it again and again,put them all to one as soon as they add new S equal to it.
        then maybe server bounce stop
        sure maybe some go back again but those who like the game will stay like others who do not want to go with play as well so so of no loss