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    That's why I think it may be best to just give everyone whicherver stage pixie is the max now this way it fixes the dupe issue of s1 and nobody loses the pixie for the few people if any lol who got it without dupe or mallmo which we know due to the huge amount of materials needed for the pixie and the game being so new that if anyone cashed the max pixie legit they would blow wayyyyy past vip 10 if there was such a vip level lol. So anyone with max pixie really wouldn't be able to complain about the other players getn the pixie free as the ones who have max pixie didn't get it legit no matter what they say. But as lazy as this garbage company is they will likely as you said just leave them unmerged unfortuneately as that is easier and cheaper for them idiots in that company. And once that was done they could go and release the new pixies mounts and wings and that I guarantee would cuse a rush of competition and cash flow to R2 so it would benefit them also. But truth be told us players here are just far more in tune with the game and smarter than most them people in R2 offices. Guess its a wait and see.
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