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    Dear r2games developers,

    i hope the game will be better soon and all of us should support i suggest to make two new systems and they're "Auction" and "Mailbox"


    This system will be totally useful and everyone gonna be happy.
    so i want you guys to make a mailbox to send messages to players even when they're offline also players can send items to other players with that system and they can trade too through it.

    How it works :

    1- player pay fees to send messages to another player who is (offline/online).
    2- The (message/item) lasts for 24 hours (if 24 hours passed, the (message/item) will be deleted).
    3- if there's unread messages, the Mailbox will flash to notify the player.


    i saw the NPC in the game and it doesn't do anything so i see that we should make it do something

    How it works :

    1- player put items there to get sold while (he/she) is (offline/online)
    2- player pay fees for putting every item inside auction
    3- the item will be taken from the player and will be put in auction storage
    4- the player is allowed to get the item back from auction and (he/she) won't get back the fees they've payed
    5- the item doesn't last more than 24 hours if they've passed then the item will be sent back to the player by Mailbox
    6- if the item has successfully been sold, the earned money will be sent to the player by Mailbox
    7- everyone is allowed to see listed items in auction

    hopefully you guys will do this.

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    The auction thing sounds cool, the mailbox thing would just sit unused as people already have so many ways to contact each other offline via apps like fb WhatsApp texting, so the mailbox thing wouldn't serve much of any purpose, I know I wouldn't use it.
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    • #3 least it will help the auction system


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        well i dont add everyone on fb so would be useful to me/some barely use fb so pain trying to contact if timezone so different and should be more than 24h, it's too short say your net isn't work, you've basically lost what could possibly be 1 stack puc or something worthy like such

        should just copy the auction house from aura kingdom and ur sorted, items/gold last 30days in mail plain message mails last 1 week but seeing r2 track rate they prob not gonna do a thing as with the guild wh on cs2 was a dupe bug and im pretty sure it'd happen again with auction house but ya like how this is the only mmorpg i've played that doesn't have these 2 basic features lol
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