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  • Holy Favor

    Should add the Holy favor system they had in Cs1 to here it was a great system cause you farmed Dg for it and evryhting it was obtainable through effort and hard work not just cash so this idea would help some of the people who cant cash into getting bit strogner quicker
    Last edited by DerekHenry; 09-22-2017, 03:46 AM. Reason: Not enough info for why its good

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    It would be nice to have something for the non cash players however I rather have wings mounts super titles, rather than yet another system to farm.


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      but you would still need to farm for wings mounts and super titles so either way you would still be farming for somthing


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        ofc this game is always about farming but we have plenty of systems to work on for now, but many players are maxed on wings, mounts super titles, sperions. We need these all these things addressed before they just lob another system from cs1 here. But Holy Favor would be fun too and I'm sure its coming in the next month or so


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          good im ready for it tenets almost maxed