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[Announcement] Crystal Saga Servers on Kabam Shuting Down on 2/12

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  • [Announcement] Crystal Saga Servers on Kabam Shuting Down on 2/12

    Greetings Kabam Players,

    We regret to inform you that Crystal Saga servers on will be permanently shut down on 12th February. In regards to this, we offer two solutions.

    Solution A: R2Games will have a cross-server platform server merge on 13th February and take over the players from the Kabam servers, Kabam S1 will be merged with R2 (S25, S28, S30, S31, S34, S38, S43, S46, S47, S51 and ugh1-2). After the merge, players from Kabam S1 can keep playing their original character by registering a new account on R2 platform.

    Solution B: Players can also play on the new servers of the corresponding game, and receive in-game currency which is worth as the same amount of the their recharged for the last 3 months.

    If you agree to these solutions, please fill your information on the sheet provided.

    Note: This is valid ONLY for Crystal Saga players.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your constant support for Crystal Saga.

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    Does the solution A is still available ? =X
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      No, sorry. It had to be done prior to shutdown.
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        Oh..right, ok. Thanks for your answer )


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          what ever did happen to the 2nd server on kabam? there was a english(Server 1) and a french server (Server 2)