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[Activity] Oranges!

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  • [Activity] Oranges!

    Duration: 6/6 – 6/12 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: For the next week, players that pay a visit to the Quartermaster in Starglade can receive an Orange Seed, twice a day. Plant the seeds in the Event Zone in Bloodfang Village to grow your very own Orange Tree. After 15 minutes, your tree will be ready to harvest. Be sure to have at least two free slots in your inventory when harvesting your Oranges.

    Players can also buy an Orange Seed from the Quartermaster for 100 Crystal, limited to twice per day.

    Each harvest will yield between 100 – 300 Oranges (bound). Players will have the following exchange options:

    Lvl. 30+ is required to do the following exchanges:
    • 200 Oranges = 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1 (once per day)
    • 300 Oranges = Orb of Mana (Bound) x2, Orb of Health (Bound) x2 (once per day)
    • 400 Oranges = 3x EXP Token (Bound) x1, 3x Pet EXP Token (Bound) x1 (once per day)
    • 500 Oranges = 4x Offline Experience Token (Bound) x10, Rebirth Ginseng (Bound) x1

    999 Oranges = Summer Harvest Gift Pack (Open this pack and randomly receive ONE of the following items):
    • Therion x1
    • Black Dragon Coin x3
    • 500 Honor x1
    • Silver Honor Badge x10
    • Morph Crystal x 5
    • Shining Gems Coupon x1
    • Purified Crystal x10
    • Soul shard x5
    • Soul Print x2
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    So that's why the oranges has more capacity ._.
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      great event.. but still not more instances for those with 10 servers+ merge. T_T

      Bellas Chasm


      Necropolis & Amethyst Forest


      Dark Forest



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        omg no more room the hole 2 hour so ***


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          max of 6 seeds in each instance hahaha
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            lol 35mins for full grwoth and its eats big area per seed ....


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              thats 6 if everyone places them correctly lol In the morning this will be interesting.
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                no ppl spend crystals to buy seed if seeds occupy large area, so r2 what u doing now


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                  pretty nice reward.. but whos gonna buy additional seed if cant even plant 1 seed?


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                    recycled event! again!


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                      That's how hard i facepalmed
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                        Really? Why are the oranges so big, Do you not want people to plant them? 3 instances over 200 players+alts, Obviously no thought put into this.


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                          is there a chance of make "PK farm" please D: ... if not at least make bloodfange village L4 and L5 .. but PK farm on another locations will be epic... thanks


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                            Originally posted by mati_c18 View Post
                            is there a chance of make "PK farm" please D: ... if not at least make bloodfange village L4 and L5 .. but PK farm on another locations will be epic... thanks
                            Sticky: Poll: Farm Area Suggestion
                            Go there and vote &or leave suggestions please everyone, would greatly appreciate it
                            Manu Forti


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                              my 1k oranges from last event dont work :/