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[Activity] Honor Badge Exchange

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    and additional vault pages pls> what about a day and night mode in the game dangerous during the dark ull need torch and possibility of an attack is greater especially in pvp servers . theres also a game which gives beer as potion lol just ideas
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      the whole event will only get rid of less than a stack of silvers and a little more than 2 stacks of bronze. I have 3 rows of bronze badges. I try to burn then in Seng with the battle potions but I'd have to use more than 20 potions per event just to get rid of the ones I'll win in Seng. I can get 80 bronze a day just from Seng, gr, delivery and crypt. We need something better to use the bronze badges on because I will still have more bronze badges than I started with at the end of this event.
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        Nice since i need Sp lots at the moment and also have lots of bronze stocks.
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