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[Activity] Tamalan Challenge

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  • [Activity] Tamalan Challenge

    Duration: 10/10 – 10/16 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: Vidalia is flooded with Autumn Tokens, it seems. For the following week, players who compete in the Tamalan Arena will also be rewarded with Autumn Token x1.
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    what about switching it up. Instead of just keep coming out with the Autumn Tokens x1, why not listen to the demands of the players? alot of people are wanting Morph Crystals or other things that they can use now. Heroic Wings Mount Upgrade Tokens, Greaters ect. Please come up with something alittle more original for the next events. thanks


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      I agree with Time2Change. come up with something original please.


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        It's R2.The amount of their creativity/will to think of new event is less than nothing.I quit the game because of this,and i mostly come on to check on the new horrid events every week now.The white griffin **** did it for me (Although i quit 1 week ago) Giving out a mount with gryphon stats for 1k crystal? Go die please,some people spent a crapload on their gryphon,now people get an almost-free one?Idc if its not morphable,it's too much for a cash mount,the warbull was at least reasonable since it required g-muts and the stats weren't ridiculous,this is just nonsense.


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          Heyy....Some people are loving the tokens, More SS per day, I'm using them to collect DF. I have no problems with all the token events, just keep Divine feathers in the list and I'll be happy.

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