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[Announcement] Crystal Saga Downtime IRC Chat! 09/27

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    When I suggested this I had meant that you should put a chat button on the opening site and throw bot in there to answer easy questions or putting a GM in the chat to discuss the game with people who may have concerns, not to put a chat up and leave it there for no use.


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      (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ︵ ┴─┴ push!!!
      Server : (S42)Tinosia Delta
      IGN: futa
      Class: Combat Rogue
      Level: 100(Eidolon)
      Ranking: Emperor

      Suggestions to those who want to play combat rogue in seng:

      1.always have a good ping
      2.always have a good fps

      if you dont have the above then you should always be prepare to die before your dash reaches your target


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        Kinda sad how the chat died....
        IGN: (S18)Shini
        Server: (S18)Shrine of Kithar
        Plane: Eidolon
        Class: Nature Hybrid Ranger
        Level: 45+
        Gender: Female
        Age: 20 (29-03-1992)
        Guild: Judgement
        Title: Cake Boss
        Married: Single
        Pet: EatUup (FL), Sulfus(DK), Caemlyne(BA)
        Mount: Lotus of Doom
        Honor: Grand Duck =D (duke XD)
        Wings: Epic Angel Lord Wings +4
        Soul: 241 =.=
        Languages: English, Dutch