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Many questions about pets....

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  • Many questions about pets....

    Hi there so i have been away from the game a while and have a few questions...

    1. when you enhance a super angel then morph into burning angel will you keep the previous enhancements made to the aptitude?

    2. is it best to enhance your pet at level 1?

    3. when merging a pet what should i have and is there any good tutorial pages on merging anyone can suggest?

    4. what is the best way to raise an angel should it be in intellect etc? any good pages to look at?

    5. is it worth merging pets?

    as you can tell i have an angel (super angel with 8 and a half lucky stars) *sigh* i want to know the best way to rase it to be an awesome and strong pet... in anyone has any answers to just one question or a couple just put answer to number.... that way its easy to tell what people are talking about. any advice is much appreciated

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    i got my BA in 7stars(Super Angel lvl 80+ +13 Full Skill)


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      1. After you morph your pet it will be lvl1 Super Angel with +0 enchantment, your pet will keep it '+' after breeding though.

      2. You can start enchanting at any lvl, it doesn't matter.

      3. Enchant both pets at least to +10, make sure they have good maturity (8+), don't forget to remove all gears from both pets, use protection tokens. Also get pets souls upgraded some, even without blood (your primary pet keeps its soul after breeding).

      4. Super Angel is a Magic offencive pet, all its skills including normal attack are intellect based so yep full int.

      5. Of course. Better maturity, better stats, goodluck with breeding, hope it helped you ^_^ have fun playing.


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        thanks everyone thats really helpful if anyone has anything more to add dont hesitate as any and all info will help in the long run lol


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          If breeding pets try to get Apti and Mat boosting skills on the 2nd pet...It helps >, .>
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            im have problem loading cs is always stock on infinty what will i do bud


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              Originally posted by cinco.coconut View Post
              im have problem loading cs is always stock on infinty what will i do bud
              There are several things you can try: clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files, using different browsers, closing any unnecessary windows/tabs, restarting your device/router, using wired connection instead of wifi, using a proxy, or manually changing your DNS/IP address.