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How many players lost storage alts?

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  • How many players lost storage alts?

    So, how many of you guys have lost your storage alts since the bunny race debacle was fixed?

    And how many of you have filed tickets and been told they wont be restored?

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    I know several long-time players who lost their storage alts (months to years worth of farming) and whom support said they cannot restore their alts. Maybe a lot more lost storage, but they don't write on forums anymore since its futile, especially since its R2 we're talking about.


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      it's not totally futile to write on the forums. I can think of three instances where enough of the player base turned into an angry mob on the forums and stuff got changed (when you'd lose honor in sengolia, when ladder had exploding mobs that could kill you if you killed them too close together, and when they split the npc in corruption into 2 with one going to the next floor and the other claim the pack and leave (fun fact, floor 3 in corruption still has 2 npcs from when this happened.)) Problem is the player base doesn't want to pull out the torches and pitchforks and band together to scream bloody murder enough anymore for the devs to realize they messed up.


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        I did! Not acceptable at all. No warning whatsoever.


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          lost yet another toon since then