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    So I did some game breaking because I wanted to find out what the limit for certain stats in the game are, turns out the limit for HP is that of a 32-bit signed binary integer (2.147.483.647) (for those wondering what that "signed" means, it practically just takes away one bit to add the possibility for negative values).
    From a theoretical standpoint this might be interesting for some.

    From a practical standpoint:
    I do get that as off right now is practically impossible to achieve this much HP but there´s also no single player that got anywhere close to the max HP possible right now (calculating that would be way too time consuming alone). As a rough outline however: The niraka helmet and armor can give up to 138,2 million HP alone, which is, atleast to my knowledge, more HP than any player currently has.

    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by Dode. View Post
      Yeah, I forgot about "Wing Blessing" and "Aegis Blessing". Even without those I´m wrong by now as one player has got 137 mill without priest buffs by now.

      Apart from that I´ve got to correct myself, this does have a practical use. If that cap does apply to monsters/bosses it means that we´re slowly approaching a point at which mobs can no longer get any more tanky unless they add def, damage reduction and crit def to them.


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        can u stat break and post for what stats would be for each class? id be interested in that.


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          Originally posted by PsychNM View Post
          can u stat break and post for what stats would be for each class? id be interested in that.
          Unfortunately no, I tried to get the def or attack as high as possible but I never got past 1,2 billion meaning the stats can clearly go beyond that. And neither can I do this for all classes as I still worked with the base stats (and % increases) to get them this high meaning there is no chance for me to get anywhere to this stats on any of my alts.
          I can however tell you that the HP cap will be the same for every single class as it´s highly unliekly that they coded the stats for every single class differently and instead just used a method (in short: wrote the code once instead of doing it for every single class). On top of that the stat cap will most likely be the same for every stat.