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Nature Ranger help

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  • Nature Ranger help

    I need to know the pros/cons of nature rangers concerning in general, dungeons, and pvp. And how to use a nature ranger effectively in dungeons and seng. For dungeons specifically what pet do i get if i want to be able to solo and when am i able to solo. For seng which classes do i target to kill and which classes to stay away from and how to go about handling it with both. Thankyou help is much appreciated.

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    My guide in my signature should help
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    Naturals Ranger Question Corner

    Nature Ranger Guide (Mortal):

    Nature Ranger Guide (Scion):


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      Originally posted by NaturaI View Post
      My guide in my signature should help
      oh wow...HEY RANGER, I WAS AT HIMENG VALLEY BEFORE BUT I KINDA QUIT CS THEN CAME BACK AGAIN. lol U REMEMBER ME? :/ Okay dont answer that coz if u say "no" i might freak out. LOL
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