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Clarification: Makt or Healing for Quick Heal Boost?

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  • Clarification: Makt or Healing for Quick Heal Boost?

    Okay, I'm very confused as to which, as a nature ranger with a healing ability, stat boosts my heal.

    On the one hand, I have been told it is directly effected by Matk. Makes sense, it is a magic ability, but also told that Healing, like from emeralds, does nothing to boost it.

    Is this true or does putting emeralds and working on the 'Healing' portions of my soul help boost my Quick Heal?
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    says in the description; Heals a single target. Amount healed based on your total magic attack.

    So yes only thing that boosts it is Intellect not your Healing stat. Either socket Topaz or boost your Intellect nodes in your Soul.
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