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Re: Unable to receive daily check in rewards

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  • Re: Unable to receive daily check in rewards

    Good day,

    I'm unable to receive any rewards from the daily check in tab. I'm in S7 serpent den's server and my character name is xaneak. Any admins out there can help me?

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    There's a limit of Daily Check-In or the "Daily sign-In".
    After receiving the rewards for the 15th day your character could no longer receive anything anymore after that.

    ...but actually does something like stalk every word you post

    This moderator is unreliable, I'm serious


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      As in, I did not even receive any rewards despite checking in daily.


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        If you file a ticket at, they'll be able to check that out for you.
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          I believe this is another Wartune-post-in-crystal-saga-forum? S7 for CS is named Cragstone.

          For the collecting of the rewards check your mailbox in-game?
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            ahh.. so i'm done with that daily sign in quest??..ok.. tnc allot


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              Ahh thanks. I'll try that out