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Not receiving crystals

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  • Not receiving crystals

    I ordered 2000 crystals yesterday and have not received them yet. I tried to put in a ticket but was not able to because the character name area does not show any name for me to select. I am not the only one with the problem there is another in my guild that is having the exact same problem. Please fix the ticket problem or give us the crystals we bought.

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    Create an alternate character and use that to file your ticket. Be sure to tell your real character's server and name.
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      I have tried to open tickets with my alts but they do the same thing. The character name doesnt show up on those either. And i still havent gotten my crystals.


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        The alt account solution only works for people who are on merged servers if they create a character on an unmerged server and use that to file the ticket.
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          okay i will try that thanks