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    Hello and thank you for reading,I have a question about guilds,In our guild unfortunately our guild master has been recently inactive and we have reached well beyond enough exp to level up the guild but he isn't online to do so
    so,I wanted to ask if there is perhaps any futuristic intentions on adding votes to select a new guild master just like in wartune....or atleast to give the leveling option to the assistant guild master
    Thank you

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    If your guild master has been inactive for a long, indefinite period of time (months), it is possible to have the position handed down by R2. The player requesting the title change will need to submit a ticket ( and the team will instruct them on how to begin the process. Keep in mind that it does require the guild's majority vote.

    If your guildmaster has only been away for some days or weeks and you are unsatisfied with the current state of the guild, you can either consult them once they have returned or find a new guild.