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    R2 we need more pages added to vault so we can store more plz with the addition of the new gems alot of people are running out of room ... even if u put them in the shop to be bought would work also
    IGN: (S47) SyKnTwstd
    Server: (S47) Sullen Dunes
    Class: Hybrid Rogue
    Current Pets ~ Gen 2 FL ~ Gen 1 BA ~ Gen 2 ED ~ Gen 3 Royal Nymph ~ Taureen Warrior
    Current Mount ~ lvl 10 Kilin

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    yea there tuns of posts on this, posting more wont make any difference
    Name: (S1)GeoStigma
    Class: Hybrid Mage
    Honor: Emperor
    Plane: Eidolon
    Level: Unknown
    Guild: Noypi

    Waiting for you and waiting your love...
    But you never came to me
    And I am still waiting until my death...
    But you hate me...
    So I shall kill you..
    And make you suffer...

    Kill me..
    Kiss me..
    Bury me..
    Just look at me....