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(S7)Moonraze account hacked

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  • (S7)Moonraze account hacked

    One of my best friends on this game has been hacked, and her name is Moonraze. Her account is on Cragstone, server 7.

    Not only is she one of the most well known people on the server, but she was also in the top guild, (S5)Eden, and the person running her account has moved her to (S7)Chuckie. The person is now piloting her account as if it's there own, selling Moon's items, etc. I hope something can be done about this.

    Moonie, if your out there, I'll try as best I can to get this back for you sis <3 I love you forever


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    She needs to file a ticket. She can create a new account to do that, but the ticket has to come from her as she will need to answer questions to verify ownership.
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      This is not called "hacked" read Kayshah's thread on a terrific explanation of hack and spam.
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