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Pet's useless skills

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  • Pet's useless skills

    so i just struggled my way out and got my first super angel yesterday. I dragged it around from dungeon to dungeon to lvl it up, and even went as far as draining all of my guild points and remaining crystals to unlock its skill slots, only to got disappointed that all of new obtained skills are completely useless in combat. skill to reveal cloaked enemy, skill to increase movement speed, skill to drag enemy further from you, and a worthless skill to make every enemy around you being aggresive to you. *** is that? back when it was still baby angel it got three attack-oriented skills, all of which deal significant amount of damage to enemy, none of those complete thrashes. i see many people got super angel with bunch of useful and attack-oriented skills. what should i do to become like them then?

    can't believe i wasted ton of my gold to buy MC, pathetic

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    those with great pet skill sets are either REALLY lucky, or like me, used the 40xtals to remove the useless skills and try for better ones.
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      can also use rebirth scroll to reset it back to level 1 and remove the skills it does not start with
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        What a blunder.

        Given that pet get the skills randomly, how much crystal i have to waste over to get the desired result?


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          i know the feeling lol.. i had to rb my pets for few times to get the right skill lol..
          just use rebirth scroll ;D
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            Originally posted by Banjardowo View Post

            What a blunder.

            Given that pet get the skills randomly, how much crystal i have to waste over to get the desired result?
            The answer to that question all depends on the level of the pet. If it's relatively close to your own level, you won't want to waste the crystals on deleting a skill. Instead, the better option would be to use a Pet Rebirth Scroll and start over. Good news with that is all the slots you opened with Skill Slot Expanders say open, and you might be able to find someone with a scroll for sale (or a nice casher for the right price).

            A really good pet is a lot of work. You are likely to get a number of skills you really don't want. If you're looking for the best out of your pet, you will do a bit of deleting as the pet levels up (as in check the skills every time the pet gains a level), which does cost crystals.
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