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  • Character status bar pop-ups...

    Hi, when I started playing Crystal Saga today, I notice that whenever I touch the screen anywhere's above the character status, or if I try to go into the vault or anything that deals with getting into the inventory, the character status bar would pop up... why is it doing that? Is anyone else having this problem? If not, let me know, then I will know it has something to do with my lptp and I can deal with it... also, why can't I get the boxing bear with my other characters even tho I dis-like then re-like on fcbk? 1 of my character's at level 41 and I tried to get it but could not, I even waited the 5 + minutes and still nothing happen. That character was started on Celestial Peak... What gives? Plz reply if anyone can't tell me the problem... Thanks!!!!
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    Wrong section of the forums, this is the wartune forums :P
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      Moved thread.

      What do you mean by "character status bar'? Can you show a screenshot of that?

      Do you have the quest "I can has bear" active on the characters you are having trouble getting the boxing bear for?
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