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>>> scammer <<<

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  • >>> scammer <<<

    Hi everyone .... !!!
    `I have some question ...`
    some scammed me ... her name in game is "Taehyung" : FB name "Tae Hyung"
    and here is the FB account that she is using to me ...

    `I need someone who can help me ...`
    -how to report this to the GM ...

    back then >>> after the trade i gave my 30g to her for exchange 1baby nymph ...
    after she recieve's the 30g she go offline and ignores me on FB or something ... i dont know what shed do to FB ...
    >>> PLEASE HELP ME <<<
    `Thank You in advance`
    im going to follow up the image of our conversasion soon ...
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    In this event, there's nothing that can really be done. All we can advise is that you learn from your mistake of trusting people too easily and make sure you find an actual seller next time.