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Legends of Vidalia [S122] Rainbow Landing

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  • Legends of Vidalia [S122] Rainbow Landing

    • Character Level Ranking 1: Mara
    • Character Level Ranking 2: Storm
    • Character Level Ranking 3: Thunder
    • Character Level Ranking 4: Sassygirl
    • Character Level Ranking 5: Ecchi
    • Character Level Ranking 6: Thor
    • Character Level Ranking 7: Mina
    • Character Level Ranking 8: Costy
    • Character Level Ranking 9: Freya
    • Character Level Ranking 10: TacoTheHoly
    • Gold Ranking (#1 in Wealth Ranking): Mara
    • Honor Ranking (#1 in Honor ranking): Storm

    Note: Disbursement of rewards will not immediately follow. This announcement is for documenting purposes only.

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    Mods will you be kind to remind devs about the rewards? We know they don't work for weekends and it's Monday now Would be a great start of the week ^^ Thanks


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      Can someone tell us when are we getting the rewards? Any chance before this week ends or what?
      Xayan "Deception" S 105


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        It can take up to a week (seven days weekends excluded) for the rewards to be distributed. Please, be patient.
        If you have a problem, need assistance and
        we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here


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          why? S123 not post here already 15days zzz

          please post the Legend of Vidalia on S123 please asap its already 15days
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            The legend of vidalia rankings will be posted soon, we apologize for the long wait.
            If your question wasn't answered, and you are still needing assistance, send a ticket here.


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              Sir KanaDT how many days to post the LoV? can i know