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First Day of S68

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  • First Day of S68

    Well it was a rocky start this morning with the server opening late and now theres an emergency maintnance i do not know if Ill level up to 40 intime for the first IoB but I did make it to SG for the Servers first no team won but still it was fun, seems two guilds so far have been chosen but ones already lvl2 so fast guys so fast

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    and yet another fake version of me -_-
    It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for whom you are not.


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      honestly poison ive never heard of you so...


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        Didn't Make it to the first IoB but I will tomorrow for day three, SG was awesome today though the crystal has yet to be destroyed its still fun, and cashing on the server isnt to bad yet hopefully it stays to a minium, delivery was chaotic today, I will avenge my fallen crystaliods.