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Looking for guild in S8

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  • Looking for guild in S8

    I am looking for a guild to join in (S8)Kaspaya Beach. Post or PM me in game and I will check it out. Thanks so much.
    Server: (S8)Kaspaya Beach
    Name: Mistery and TrueLies
    Class: Mistery is a ranger. TrueLies is a preist
    Level: Mistery is level 30+. TrueLies is level 6+.
    Guild: Looking for one currently.
    Honor Rank: Captain
    Pet: Mistery has a spectre. TrueLies has none.
    Mount: Mistery has rabid raccoon. TrueLies has none.
    Wings: Glowing Wings 2.

    Feel free to pm me if you'd ever like to chat. PM me if you have a guild you want me to join.