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    Well I have seen the situation in my server.. and I would like to suggest some additions to the game, here's
    some of them:

    1.- 2 More layers of Sengolia: The battle doesnt last long enough and many people cant even make it in time, because after 2 minutes it's full.

    2.- 1 More layer of Guild Resources Battleground: The items in here arent enough for the huge ammount of people
    that attends the event.

    3.- 2 More Layers of Guessing Game: This is URGENT the LAG here it's horrible... really really horrible.

    4.- 2 More layers in cities(Aurora Point,Bloodfang Village): If you are planning to do "Farming" Events 3 layers on
    Bloodfang wont be enough.

    5.- 2 more layers of EACH Map that is not a city: There's always people in world chat crying about how other
    people steals their farming spots.

    6.- Faster Respawn of World Bosses: Rebirth quest requites SOME of the world bosses and there are just 2 spawns.... that's 10 people only.....

    7.- 1 or 2 more Avernal Events: There's only 30 people who get points on it.. PER event and there's a LOT of
    scions-eidolons that doesnt get nothin at all..

    Well it's only my opinion people... I hope you guys can help with this...
    This is what I think it's the situation in the West PVE Server(Whole list is 1 server now)

    8.- Another page of vault: You have released some many new items(Pet armor,sperions/pets) and 2 pages wont do.

    9.- New Guild quests: Higher levels quests too.
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    1. I agree since these huge merges are creating lots of lag
    2. I disagree due to items respawning every....10 seconds? Which is enough for everyone, there is also 3 times a day where you may attend.
    3. I agree same thing as #1
    4. Agreed, usually people go play "Farmville" with their alts and there is a lack of space in Bloodfang
    5. Agree, same as #1 and #3
    6. Agreed same as #1,3,5
    7. Err...I dont participate in Avernal so I wouldn't know
    My opinions ~ :P
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      1. Agree
      2. Maybe
      3. Agree
      4. Agree
      5. Maybe
      6. Super Agree
      7. I don't know lol
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        *Bump* Just to remember and Hoping Game Masters read it


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          *Bump* !!!!


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            um, if you keep bumping this, it will only cause the moderators to lock your thread...

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              Come on guys, today I didnt completed rebirth quest because 15 people were camping first Ice queen and 10 the second spawn.. you should really do somethin bout YOUR game.


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                a g r e e
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