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    Hello Im Damian Im currently Playing On s115 Under name of Azariel , i have a little suggestion that would make gameplay a bit more comfortable regarding item storage , what we have now in game its lets say quite complicated , we have 2 different vaults one for misc and another for equipment type of items, How about creating Local starglade depo where we could have access to our personal vaults. We could store our items without deciding which one to keep which one to get rid of and prioritize things, I mean I don't earn loads I've got family to feed and bills to pay, for me to spoil myself is to buy a beer and that happens once a week, since this game is something to chill on , why not make it easier and more comfy for community , we got shop filled with stuff , money is flowing , why making us pay for extra slots in our storages? Lets introduce to a character a proper backpack system, we could stack backpacks that would be colorized and we could use green for types of equipment red for health potions blue for mana potions , and you could add some fancy backpack to the shop with extra stats like Rush Backpack (additional speed when wearing the backpack) and free version (leather backpack 10 slots). Also why not introducing to the market system, let's say I need socketing rods, no one has them for sale I go to local depo storage, open deposit, click market type name of the item and see if players got any auctions going around. Beside introducing bank system would be nice too easier to transfer money to players instead of having it bounded we could have it as an item, stack of 100 gold bars, advantages, casinos in cities, we could roll a dice people would have fun, so many things that could be introduced. Right now for me at level 30 it's a constant struggle and afk grinding. Please at least consider my suggestion it doesn't have to be the exact one but can be something similar. Thank you for your attention.
    Would be a good idea
    No the current system is perfect
    Maybe , but a bit modified.
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