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  • Dungeon 215

    Dear R2 , you need to work a little on that 2 stone Demonic Gargoyle - Living / Demonic Gargoyle - Incarnate . i have a big luck and i destroy all time that stone . how do i kill left boss if i dont get any buff ? ( i dont use death odor )

    so my sugestion ..

    1 ) that 2 stone make imune to any attack .

    2) no more give buff for defeat boss , we lose to much time to get a buff , also boss need time to kill him , to lose 5-10 min for 1 rund on that dungeon is to much . i wait for blue buff , but i get only red . well that not realy nice .
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    this dng is pretty simple... just irritating.

    remove Death spirit when attacking stones (as you said you do)
    remove Spirion if using Blood Breaking kill combo (i switch to 2nd sperion with different combo when doing this dng)
    dont use any pets that affect HP (firelord)
    use only basic attack on stones
    re-equip DS on your way to kill the boss.
    if you are a rogue, Blade dance adds a nice amount of extra damage to each hit.
    When fighting Red boss, make sure frost is on, use Simalcrum summon and DS.

    I do 1 run of this dng in only a few mins (3-4)