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    Could you please add the cash mounts to the event too? I have both the Mammoth and the Alicorn, but they're not worth anything in the mount extravaganza. I need greater mount upgrade tokens to get a gryphon, but it's hard for me to find them when I have the gold. I find them whenever I'm out of gold.

    It'll give people a greater desire for the special event mounts if they'll get a bonus beyond just the mount. That'll get r2games even more cash and will make the players happier.

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    Nice, suggestion noted. Thank you.
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      +1 for this
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          prize would be PC and maybe mount food since none of them require GMUT to upgrade.


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            Probably would be Kodabear since it would be unfair for non cashers i guess.
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              I agree that we should get something for them.

              I also agree with the idea of getting something to upgrade that particular mount.
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