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Please be aware of scam sites.

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  • Please be aware of scam sites.

    Dear players,

    Recently there has surfaced a scam site using our R2games logo but it is not legitimate. The only legitimate way to recharge is through the games you play or on our official site.

    Using any other method puts your account at risk for hacking and having your personal information stolen and used for other nefarious means.

    Please be vigilant and practice your online safety.


    R2 Games Support

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    umm ih had a problem wth the skrill payment option it locked up my card and bank acount as is saind it was routed trought a diffrent country i had to call my providers and unlock my accounts but still the money was taken off my account and i never receved the 1000 gold as well as there are a few incompleat paments in my purches history thati did i fact get harged for but was told i lacked the nessasary funds to purches said gold so i would like to know whats going on with that i dont expect to be reimbersed for any of it as i know you guys have your hands full will mor imprtant things i just want the problem fixed so that it dosent happpen again... tyvm


    • #3 file a ticket with your character, server name and the details of the payment
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        asking for recharges

        Click image for larger version

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        ogsdene kept asking me to recharge him... watch out for this one
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