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  • Update for Maintenance

    Greetings Dragonians,

    Maintenance for all servers will be pushed back to 3:00 PM GMT+8 (7:00 PM GMT, 2:00 AM EST,) on December 12th (11:00 PM PST on December 11th).

    It's estimated to last more than 3 hours for the update.

    Update details:

    New Systems:
    Guardian God Power, Guardian Galaxy, Dragon Pet Evolution

    Optimized Old Systems:
    1. Raised Medal Skill level cap to 170.
    2. Optimized Star Soul Orb usage limitation in the Soul Dungeons.
    3. Raised Dragon Essence level cap to 35, added new quality for Dragon Essence Evolution.
    4. Raised Totem level cap to 110.
    5. Raised Eudaemeon level cap to 12.
    6. Raised Greedy Dragon level cap to 250, and added some new feeding materials: Pet Crystal, White Seal Card.
    7. Raised Nymph Worshipping star level cap to 28 stars, and Nymph Sync level to 25.
    8. Raised Dragon Tattoo lighting level cap to 55.
    9. Dragon Guardian evolution quality cap +1.
    10. Raised Soul Boost star level cap to 23 stars.
    11. Raised Dragon Talent Skills level cap to 8.
    12. Raised Tree of Love level cap to 150 and Blessing level cap to 70.
    13. Raised Red Bond level cap to 40.
    14. Raised Wing Engraving level cap to 200.
    15. Raised Totem Enchanting level cap to 25 stars.
    16. Raised Saintly Power limits.
    17. Raised Gem Resonance level cap to 160.
    18. Raised Outfit Boost level cap to 25 stars.
    19. Expanded Inventory Space limit for VIPs.
    20. Raised Artifact upgrade level cap to 19.
    21. Raised Battle Rune Refine level cap to 60.
    22. Raised Awakening level cap to 23.
    23. Raised level cap +20 for Illustria, Demetria, Krishna, Arya, Gloria, Raquel, Lucille, Flower Fairy and Guardian Nymph.
    24. Raised Holy Seal level cap to 280, Holy Seal●Sealed level cap to 160.
    25. Raised Hit and Dodge limits for Saintly Power.
    26. Raised Nymph Enchantment level cap to 27 stars.
    27. Raised Artifact Purification level cap to 25.

    See you all in game!

    -The Dragon Pals Operation Team
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    heros demon tower? level cap + 50 or so much
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      Do they already have plans to add in the rewards for those added upgrades as well? Or is this another thing like Eudaemon level 11 that has no temp stones and no rewards?


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        yeah im thinking that there will be no events for this it will be exactly like before and people that are crazy will spend there cash anyways cause they have no logic


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          sad to see that there isn't a single "fix" listed here...just more added, more to break.
          S1 US EAST
          (S22 Lost Caverns)


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            again too many things added. i guess the permanent events US server has for years we in oceanic still wont get dragonins duel or something i dont play in US server so dont know much. only things that need to be paid will be added of course.

            25. Raised Hit and Dodge limits for Saintly Power. really? only way to get them in Oceanic is extra value lol.

            pls don't differ between US and Oceanic server. or developers hate Oceanic people??????????????????

            how come US got too much other side Oceanic like nothing??

            note: this post going to be deleted soon i guess and i think i didnt break any forum rule lol


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              Thing I don't see why: (6) Why feed Pet Crystal to Greedy Dragon? (maybe there's a cap on how potentialed pet dragons can get and I'm nowhere close)
              Only things I'll be able to use are 9 if I understand it (two of my guardians are Virtuality quality, current top) and 19 (but with currently 552 spaces it's a bit excessive, no?)
              Guess item 4 comes into play as well (two of my totems are current max of 90)
              Nowhere close on anything else but if the Nymph Enchanting event is extended past 22 as well that'd be nice.
              Oh and when will the Hit Saintly Power start dropping anywhere?
              DP persona: Yasatanna
              Nightfall Steppe
              Mage, started 2/13/15
              as of 4/14/17: Level 106, 6155K BR (T-17th in the NFS complex), guardian BR 2949K (21st), nymph BR 1474K (28th)


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                umm oceanic gets hit saintly power from EVG? US servers (at least here in the east) don't have access to them, anywhere.
                S1 US EAST
                (S22 Lost Caverns)


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                  I like the idea of a new nymph, but for curiosity sake.. where is the Flower Fairy nymph? That one hasnt even been released so whats the reasoning for adding yet another nymph when one of them is still missing for people to get?


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                    Noticed level 59 plays now have a rank 1 blocky (Eud) following them, but no access to the Eud icon to increase it. Also can view the Eud tab and Enchanted ring tab in those level 59 chars. Was that supposed to be part of this update to allow level 50 range players to use it? Its not working if it was meant to be.


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                      haha once again r2 games does **** poor maintaince....

                      All this cool stuff and not all servers get it...

                      and some stuff doesn't even work


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                        true ruth1!! ive seen that too and id love to be able to access the Euda and enchanted rings. it would really make the lvl 50 bracket a lot more exciting!! also i tried using one of the enchanted rings i had in a box (touble clicking it) and it did open. and we can also use dream breaker cards for extra nm abyss attempts. but again we have no access to the systems.
                        if its meant to work plz fix it soon!! thanxx
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                          lvl 55+ now has acces to eudaemon and enchanted rings,we dont have the tabs to upgrade them,however i just obtained temporary blessing points for eudaemon and when i click them i get the upgrading tab. will try later today to actually upgrade them


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                            i just checked,it actually allowed me to upgrade it and my eudaemon is now lvl 2.
                            hoping it is indeed intended to be 55+, would be weird otherwise that they changed something that should only get an extra lvl.


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                              eudmon and enchanted rings are now level 55, all items have been changed to match the level you unlock them....

                              however once again the developers forgot the second part of game update maintence so the panels and quests related still unlock at the past level of below or...60 65, 70, 75 etc....

                              you can access them during events only though as a temperory work around..

                              If they are not aware of the bugs already....... they should be now with the 200 or so tickets that have been submitted on the subject.

                              especialy by those who have lost their hard earned or bought enchanted rings....