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R2 Christmas Adventure 2016 - Presents & Prizes!

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    So heres the reply by staff

    Apparently geting the raindeer and sled will happen randomely, so not ever player will get it...
    "R2 Dagny replied:
    Greetings player,
    Thank you for reaching us with your concern.
    As the thread shows (!), please note that the event starts from 14:00 to 16:00 EST.
    And not every player could get Santa Sleigh and Reindeer.
    We do apologize for your frustration.
    If there is anything else we could do for you, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.
    Best regards,
    The r2games team"

    in other words the system has been rigged... meaning you recharge more, the higher probality your account gets for those 2 prizes...

    lol also my mouse can get up to 1200 clicks per per second.

    my computer can handle 300 clickes per second. I try to keep under it for my comps sake..

    I can do 600 clicks per second. my finger hurts a bit doing that...

    every computer has this cool little mouse feature built in which allows you to test how fast your click rate is.. its shows up to 50,000 dcps>> when you find it use it lol... youd be suprised at how fast you can realy click witha good mouse..

    regular moses max at 200.. gaming ones max at 50,000 but youd have to pay 2,000 usd for that mouse, and you would need the world most powefull consumer computer, $8000 usd. and lighting fast hands...

    bots are actually illegal in most countries, because making a bot means hacking... haha and bots have no such limits

    world record by a human is 1247 digitail clicks per second... a computer last i checked was 1.2 million
    But back to the event i still say its bugged, broken and rigged.

    so not every one wins the maxium pionts.

    1. it has no clock so people can claim prizes, rigging proof right there..
    (Not every player actually reads the forums, or event reads them.)

    2. Rudolph and santa sliegh do not appear all event long for every player who log on between 14:00- 16:00

    which since its always 14:00- 16:00 some where in the time zones r2 games supports
    sound logic dictates that since there is no actual event clock listed prizes should appear at each of the time zones 14:00 -16:00 hince rigged....

    3. Clcik event doesnt register proper digital clicks per second hence brokn and or rigged.

    4. People who recharge sem to have a better chance at item and click pionts.... it actually says "top up voucher event" on the event page. since r2 games is well know for giving away suntle hints at what is recharge and and what is not... well do the logic math

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      First, thanks for sharing the ticket answer, that helps to clarify the missing icons are really intended to be missing.

      And second... 50,000 dcps... really you insist on that?
      You dont need to cause good impression on people because of your speed that comes from your kryptonian power. Of course your equipment helps, but doesnt matter your mouse, you wont make a 30 cps rate without cheating. Humans have motor limitations and i really doubt someone can click 50,000 times even in a hour.
      Bots are real even though people deny its existence.
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        Do you want to act like this?
        If it is necessary to cause problems for the users of the game, then do not do this event, because it honestly was not worth it.

        Problem is that it hurt who also spends.

        Well this is the evil of this franchise, the more you earn, the greater the evil you do.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot (9).png
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          cased closed and shut. hahaha the proof is in the picture.. it finally showed on the last day of the event

          i think every player should geta compensation pack because r2 games screwed up again...


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  ’s server DNS address could not be found.


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              I sent a support ticket (talking about the Top-Up Voucher prize of 520 points),
              but I do not know if they will respond, or if they will send it directly,
              can you tell me how my prize is?

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