Oceanic Dragon Pals Severs Servers Shutting Down

Dear Players, We regret to announce that the Oceanic Servers of "Dragon Pals" will officially shutdown on October 10th, 2017 at 10:00am (GMT+8). Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information on the shutdown can be found here -
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Return Player Extravaganza

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  • Return Player Extravaganza

    Return player must meet the following requrements
    1,No login activity for 15+days
    2,Level 55 or above
    3,Have no record of abnormal orders

    Event Time: 13/02/2017 00:00 - 28/02/2017 23:59 (EST)

    Login bonus:
    Lv.8 Gem Chest*1
    Demon Tower Key*5
    Magic Luna*200
    Sun Stone*200
    Arbitrarily Outfits*1
    Ultimate Exp Potion*10
    Arbitrarily Wings*1


    Lv.6 Gem Chest*1
    Demon Tower Key*5
    Magic Luna*100
    Sun Stone*100
    Arbitrarily Eudaemons*1

    Lv.7 Gem Chest*1
    Demon Tower Key*5
    Magic Luna*300
    Sun Stone*300
    Ultimate Exp Potion*30
    Arbitrarily Pets*1


    Lv.8 Gem Chest*1
    Demon Tower Key*5
    Magic Luna*500
    Sun Stone*500
    Legendary Exp Potion*25
    Arbitrarily Outfits*1


    Lv.8 Gem Chest*2
    Demon Tower Key*10
    Magic Luna*800
    Sun Stone*800
    Mystic Exp Potion*5
    Vip card(6 months)*1
    Arbitrarily Wings*1

    Receive conditions: received an invitation and meet the above conditions, not less than 5 hours per day online, contact customer service.

    Recharge bonus:
    Buy 100 gold and receive 30 gold as bonus
    Buy 200 gold and receive 50 gold as bonus
    Buy 400 gold and receive 100 gold as bonus
    Buy 1000 gold and receive 300 gold as bonus
    Buy 2000 gold and receive 700 gold as bonus
    Buy 4000 gold and receive 1600 gold as bonus
    Buy 10000 gold and receive 5000 gold as bonus

    Receive conditions: received an invitation and meet the above conditions, contact customer service after recharge.

    Checkreturn Q&A here

    Q:What should I do if I forgot my account name?
    A:You can use your email address as your account name. If you haven't bound your account to an email, please use another account to file a ticket.(

    Q:What should I do if I forgot my password?
    A:Click here to retrieve your password(, or log in using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live account.

    Q:What should I do if I forgot which server my character is on?
    A:Go to the official R2Games site and log in. Hover the mouse over [Dragon Plas] and then click the mouse icon,it will take you to the last server you played on. If that is not the server you used to play on, please click here to file a ticket(

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    this post is really?
    You have to stop entering the game for 15 days or more, just that?


    • #3
      when it starts?


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        Originally posted by fian_syaiful View Post
        when it starts?
        Event Time: 13/02/2017 00:00 - 28/02/2017 23:59 (EST)
        so about an hour before this message was being typed.
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          What does it mean by "invitation"?
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            So no check in from the 13th counts.
            The invitation how do we get that if we are not there lol
            Receive conditions: received an invitation and meet the above conditions, not less than 5 hours per day online, contact customer service.
            so that makes it a bit weird it says not less then 5h per day online so we can play im thinking something is wrong in here.

            Oh right and it only have the bónus for 10 days


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              ist not ur serious to make such Event for lost Players and all who Play day for day they get nothing

              sry but dont wonder when more Players leave the game when they dont get any rewards to Play every day, im not amused to read such like that for missed Players to get them to play


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                I really don't understand this event. Does it mean i can play for 5 hrs but not check-in? how?


                • #9
                  And what is with the players who are here every day and play and rechargen, which go again empty


                  • #10
                    i got invite, what does " contact customer service" mean?


                    • #11
                      So this event is only for players that dont spend and dont show on the game ??? well so im not lucky because i do spend maybe its better if i stop spending .


                      • #12
                        And maybe if i stop playing for a few months it will help even more.


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                          I thought this "Return Player Extravaganza" is at least somewhat similar to those events for other R2 games. If I understand correctly, I qualify (have been out of the DP game for several months now - that should fit 1st half of the event, and recharged 1k two times today - that's for 2d). Now I'm wondering just how exactly i could claim these rewards for returning? Frankly speaking, they did exactly what they should for me: I was considering returning but not right now, if not for these event I would still be considering lol. Now for the most exciting part - claiming the awesome rewards lol or simply beating them out of devs, maybe?
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                            Does it mean that people who do not sign in for more than 15 days just receive free rewards? And the people who play every day Friends of the dragon? Are not they going to win prizes? If the person stopped playing and because they no longer have an interest in playing. Give prizes to people who do not play more and very dirty, check this event there and give the prize to Who plays every day.


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                              so how we claim these rewards? i got a mail and log in but nothing to claim was there