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csc bug unfair

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  • csc bug unfair

    Click image for larger version

Name:	43599A44-F6CD-47AA-870D-24DCFBE4C712.png
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ID:	1757674 this is very unfair there should be no reason for my team to lose this is this bug going to be perm on it or are you able to fix it soon T_T i was so close to getting to the final 4 this time as you can see we have full teams but only one of the other fought on the first round and then only one from the enemy fought in the second round then no one was there
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    I dont really see a problem here. Its possible to win with such difference in BR, looks like battle show was affected by update. Its still doesnt mean that battle was really affected.
    I will report a bug with battle viewer.


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      dont forget always to check each player personal br .remember 1 player with 1 mil br can kill 2 players with 800k br

      plus the are complite team mage/archer/warior
      plus warior shield can take alot of hits
      and last formation
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      s4 europe


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        No, i think that he said it's a bug because at the battle viewer, only 1 people of his team was shown, instead of full team of 3 members. But it's only the visual bug. The actual battle happens between all member of both teams, not just a single person againts the opponent's whole team.


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          Same happened to us - in 2nd and 3rd fight one of our Players and his Dragon just were not there so we lost the battle and did not qualify for next round.....I would expect some comment on thÃ*s...
          Thank you

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            Sorry - 3rd Player was not present in any of the fights can this happen? The Teams are fixed when set...


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              the same here , my Team Named FIGHTERS , in European CSC , composite with Me (CoreBow) + RedFox + Padje have little same trouble ... only RedFox & Padje in Fight ... me no participate to the 3 Fights ... but we win , hardly but win ...

              so when the room fight open , it's same of the team is only composate for 2 members , and me outside

              And in same CSC Board ShooterHexe Team had loose , same Reason 2 members only in fights Vs 3 others

              And again other 1/4 final, another team loose with BR at 4.4m Vs team with 2.3m Br .... and that again worse ... only 1 fighter , in team 4.4m Br Vs the 3 others Fighters with 2.3m cumulate ...

              IF are NEW "rules" ( and TELL IF !! ) .... that is totally useless to do Team and all go in CSC alone ... that work better ....
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                This is being addressed, I'm sorry that the latest patch caused some issues but it is a problem and it will be resolved. Your patience is appreciated.
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                  give me screenshots and server names please... this is a very serious bug where the players are not showing up and competing in the csc at all..... it means that teams are losing battles that they would have won and that can cost players championships
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                    these are the difference in br i couldn't not see there attack but i won the first fight second fight i lost with out anyone changing anything and 3rd fight no one showed up
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	635B1FEA-B880-42F0-B257-61D24BCEDEE3.png
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Name:	543C8286-99A4-4141-8C24-D744D59E0B79.png
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Name:	34A910EC-9E0E-41D0-A34D-40E5708E63F4.png
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ID:	1695660
                    server 100 century island
                    player name levi
                    these are the best pictures i could get
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                      I need screenshots of the battle showing the players missing and the server name......

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                      R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                      Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.