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  • Magic lamp

    I am fed up tryin to post to facebook an still get error message. I ask vets an keep gettin same answer, its fixed ( like hell it is) they keep sayin disable popup blocker an use different browser, I have done so a lot of times an magic lamp still dont work, can u please get something right an fix this properly. I also seen in another post that there would b compensation packs for those affected by the bug well I have never got anythin an neither has any of my friends. I am on server S157 blackheath district us east an name is jupiter an my partners name is trystar. I hope u can fix this bug asap an lookin forward to c what u give as compensation.


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    good luck with it jupiter...i have tried as well since my lamp isnt working either.....all i got was the same thing, turn pop-up blocker off and try using different browser....i have used at least 4 different browsers and turned pop-up blocker off on my lappy and each broswer with no luck help in forums either. best of luck!