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Cannot use mp attempts/missing attempts

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  • Cannot use mp attempts/missing attempts

    Before the update i could not go higher then 5 attempts daily even with mp dungeon card. Keep being unable to use it. After upgrade everybody can do 7 but i keep being stuck at 6. This is not fairly since i miss out lot's of rewards. Could u plz fix this bug?

    Senkora s56 Emerald Forest
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    vip6+ get 7 attempts check benefits of vip


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      yeah that is correct your getting the right amount of attempts for your VIP level so this is working as it should.

      VIP 4-5 gets 1 extra attempt a day
      VIP 6-7 gets 2 extra attempts a day
      VIP 8-9 gets 3 extra attempts a day
      VIP 10+ gets 4 extra attempts a day
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      S1 - Dragon Valley - Zalenzo - Mage - Level 59
      S3 - Misty Towers - Drave - Archer - Level 120


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        did he use mp cards or not to get extra attempts? i mean beside the ones we now get from being a certain VIP lvl