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BUG Stuff 90 Mythic ???

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  • minours76
    started a topic BUG Stuff 90 Mythic ???

    BUG Stuff 90 Mythic ???


    with the maintenance of today , for repair the CSC bug(s) , i had found a good surprise :

    The STUFF 90 & 100 Are Implemented and foundable in GAME ... BUT ... the SANCTIFY option is not again Possible on this Stuff 90+

    Some News on this point for the Moderators or Dev ???

    Ps: Evolve and Convert Stuff 90 to 100 are Available , but Sanctify is not here for both ...

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  • Alkaris
    Its the same as with lvl90 evolution, will be activated a little later, cause i dont know if cost was decided for those equipments. I will report it to the devs.
    Meanwhile you can collect enough tesseract and meteorites.

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