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so much a list is needed

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  • so much a list is needed

    No meteorites in lvl 80 or 85mp, when you go to do vip no upgrade in points. The vip thing is highly frustrating. It hardly ever works. CSC everybody lost that should have
    won. Lost vouchers from this. Betting on winning team that loses.

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    All this issue was reported and being worked on.


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      worked on exactly when. People are talking about boycotting any spending. After last maintenance still no working vip still no meteorites. What exactly did they fix. One has to wonder. All the chests are great however we also get screwed over for Invincible me. Those of us who should have won csc won't get to participate. So many are also just quitting playing the game. We have lost a ton of strong players who got sick of all of this.


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        What exactly doesnt work in your VIP? Are you sure that you are spending recharged gold coins, cause growth points added only with them?
        If you have other problems with VIP open a ticket

        As for your other question - no time frames.