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CROSS SERVER not fair!!! Strongest are out!

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  • CROSS SERVER not fair!!! Strongest are out!

    I´m Thijmpie my team is Cats and we belong to be in Cross server but we didn´t make it because off a bug!!!!
    We are the strongest in groupstage! SO UNFAIR i´m really mad. Last time i lost a supporterpass due to your
    faild and now this. Nothing to claim i normaly reach easy top 8!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I have the same trouble didn´t reach top 32 but not FAIR..............................
    Really mad


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      EVERYONE was affected by this issue across all servers. So many people affected that it doesn't matter whether it was "fair" or not. As with everything out there, bugs and glitches occur. It can't be help, nothing is perfect.
      This error has already been reported, multiple times, the developers and admins are perfectly aware and working towards resolving it.
      Creating multiple new threads complaining about this issue and whining that it isn't "fair" will not help speed up the resolution.
      Just follow the correct Bug Report Process and leave it at that, it will be resolved soon and everything will be back to normal, then the weakest members of CSC will be moaning that "it isn't fair" because they will lose their Bugged Rewarded Titles and mounts.


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        yeah i lost vs a team that my character pretty much can kill by myself. probably my chqaracter isnt even showing up. do we know if there is a fix yet? this is very game breaking