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CSC Oct 7th New Bugs?

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  • CSC Oct 7th New Bugs?

    Server 76: Whispering Woods (Europe)
    Player: Lisnial

    Hi just checking in. I looked to see who I would be up against for top 16. My team The Wicked BR 2821945, we didn't make it. Yet there are team with only a single player in final 16.

    Last CSC Bugs were great fun! And I like to think I am a patient person (still waiting for compensation for support). But the bug in the game are really starting to pile up.

    What's the next step? I really don't want to lose out on the rewards I was counting on

    Everyone please be sure to post here if you are having the same issues this CSC.

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      Bug in CSC of Oceanic

      Today have CSC . but every team that lower BR can win score 2:1, what happen ?

      Is it have change the rule ? There are CSC bugs since last CSC but not have any apologize or responsibility from R2.