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Is csc bugged again?

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  • Is csc bugged again?

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]109452[/ATTACH ]Was wondering if anyone else has this problem. my csc is showing only half the bracket fighting in the final 16 last night. The left side of bracket is on final 8 the right is still on final 16 when I look at my team it shows that I did not fight.
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    As far as i know CSC doesnt have any issues and i dont understand what are you talking about. All teams in your screen are on same stage. There will be 8 winners as its always should be.
    Can you specify what is wrong?


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      from what i see its only day 2 out of 5 for csc main matches

      it only allows usage of supporter pass for day 3, 4, and 5 because those 3 days are when everyone HAS to fight

      day 1 and day 2 usually has freebies of no fights due to lack of teams


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        I can see what you're talking about, this is due to the lack of teams participating in the CSC.
        Since the left side does not have the required number of teams to fill in the gaps, they have jumped a tier in battles. This shouldn't affect the final outcome though.